Senior Editor: Ron Cenfetelli

University of British Columbia

Term: October 1, 2019 – December 31, 2022
Outstanding Associate Editor, 2012

Research Interests

I am comfortable handling any paper that deals with an individual as a user of technology. In my own research, I’ve attempted to answer questions as to how and why individuals use IT, the attributes of IT that influence such usage, and other variables associated with the interaction between individuals and IT. Three dominant themes of this research are 1) online customer service, 2) the negative (or “dark side”) aspects of technology and 3) Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). A lesser but salient theme is 4) research methodology, such as structural equation modeling. Below, I identify more specific topics in which I have either conducted research, or related topics of interest that I might be adept at handling as an editor.

  • Online customer service:
    • Materialities and affordances of IT that augment, replace, or change the nature of online versus traditional customer service
    • Cognitive and other psychological aspects of consumers as they relate to using digital channels
    • Self-service and consumers as co-producers of service
    • Applications of consumer models to other contexts such as e-government (servicing citizens)

  • Negative or “Dark Side” aspects of technology
    • Why and how individuals do not use technology (e.g., resistance/rejection)
    • Negative outcomes of technology use, such as promotion of unethical behaviors, diminished productivity, or lower quality of life
    • Online service failure and responses to such failure

  • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Design, implementation, and effects of decision-support technologies, especially recommendation agents
    • Anthropomorphism or “computer as a social actor”: research into how and why humans perceive and behave towards machines as if they were human. For example, an automated agent conveying a certain personality, being persuasive, or conveying or influencing emotions.

Research Methods:

I have published papers on structural equation modeling in an attempt to improve the conduct of such analysis and to improve interpretation of the results. It would be important to note here that while I can handle papers seeking to advance research methods, I believe such work needs to be forward looking towards making a sustained and meaningful impact on improving the field’s application of methods, and that speaks to as wide as possible audience (e.g., not just to other methodologists).

Methodological Expertise:

I am comfortable with the following research methods or combinations thereof, such as experiments, surveys, structured and semi-structured interviews, content analysis, multi-level modeling, and grounded theory development. I am not adept at econometric, big data, design science or related techniques.


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