Volume 5, Number 4 — December 1981

Research Commentary

*Invited Article:* Decision Support Systems: An MIS Manager's Perspective
Robert K. Vierck
(pp. 35-48)

Research Articles

*SIM Competition Paper:* Word Processing in a Major Corporation: Policies, Plans, and Management
Thomas W. West and Carolyn J. Mullins
(pp. 1-18)

*SIM Competition Paper:* An Approach to Structured MIS Development
Ashok Shenolikar
(pp. 19-33)

Theory and Review Articles

Manager or Technician? The Nature of the Information Systems Manager's Job
Blake Ives and Margrethe H. Olson
(pp. 49-63)

Firm Size and the Characteristics of Computer Use
William H. DeLone
(pp. 65-77)

Evaluating Information Systems Effectiveness -- Part II: Comparing Evaluator Viewpoints
Scott Hamilton and Norman L. Chervany
(pp. 79-86)

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