Volume 8, Number 1 — March 1984

Research Articles

Rituals in Information System Design
Daniel Robey and M. Lynne Markus
(pp. 5-14)

Effective Design and Use of Computer Decision Models
William L. Fuerst and Merle P. Martin
(pp. 17-26)

*ICIS Paper:* User Developed Applications: Evaluation of Success from the DP
Suzanne Rivard and Sid L. Huff
(pp. 39-50)

*ICIS Paper:* A Comparative Examination of Systems Analysis Techniques
Mel A. Colter
(pp. 51-66)

Theory and Review Articles

A Contingency Model for User Involvement in DSS Development
Robert I. Mann and Hugh J. Watson
(pp. 27-38)

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