Volume 9, Number 1 — March 1985

Research Articles

The Evolution of Benchmarking as a Computer Performance Evaluation Technique
Bryon C. Lewis and Albert E. Crews
(pp. 7-16)

*ICIS Paper:* Personal Information Systems for Strategic Scanning in Turbulent Environments: Can the CEO Go On-Line?
Omar A. El Sawy
(pp. 53-60)

*ICIS Paper:* Implications of Theories of Language for Information Systems
Kalle J. Lyytinen
(pp. 61-74)

Theory and Review Articles

Avenues for Top Management Involvement in Successful MIS Development
William J. Doll
(pp. 17-35)

Organizational Characteristics and MIS Success in the Context of Small Business
Louis Raymond
(pp. 37-52)

Research Notes

A Field Study of Organizational Factors Influencing DSS Success
G. Lawrence Sanders and James F. Courtney
(pp. 77-93)

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