Volume 9, Number 3 — September 1985

Research Articles

Changing Role of the Corporate Information Systems Officer
Robert I. Benjamin, Charles Dickinson, Jr., and John F. Rockart
(pp. 177-188)

A Prototyping Method for Applications Development by End Users and Information Systems Specialists
James K. Kraushaar and Larry E. Shirland
(pp. 189-197)

An Environmentally Dependent Framework for Data Dictionary Systems
Beverly K. Kahn
(pp. 199-220)

Theory and Review Articles

Knowledge as a Basis for Expertise in Systems Analysis: An Empirical Study
Nicholas F. Vitalari
(pp. 221-241)

Alternative Measures of Systems Effectiveness: Associations and Implications
Ananth Srinivasan
(pp. 243-253)

Research Notes

Information Systems Support for Group Planning and Decision-Making Activities
Margaret A. Rathwell and Alan Burns
(pp. 255-271)

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