Volume 9, Number 4 — December 1985

Research Articles

*SIM Competition Paper:* Information Systems for Competitive Advantage: Implemenation of a Planning Process
Nick Rackoff, Charles Wiseman, and Walter A. Ullrich
(pp. 285-294)

User Experience with and Assessment of Participative Systems Design
R. A. Hirschheim
(pp. 295-304)

Prototyping for Systems Development: A Critical Appraisal
Marius A. Janson and L. Douglas Smith
(pp. 305-316)

Trends in Data Administration: 1981-1985
Mark Gillenson
(pp. 317-325)

Theory and Review Articles

Information Technology Assessment and Adoption: A Field Study
Sid L. Huff and Malcolm C. Munro
(pp. 327-340)

The Impact of Role Variables on Information Systems Personnel Work Attitudes and Intentions
Jack J. Baroudi
(pp. 341-356)

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