Volume 10, Number 1 — March 1986

Research Articles

Human Resource Information Systems: A Current Assessment
Gerardine DeSanctis
(pp. 15-27)

*ICIS Paper:* Competitive Information Systems in Support of Pricing
Cynthia Mathis Beath and Blake Ives
(pp. 85-96)

Theory and Review Articles

User Response to an Online Information System: A Field Experiment
Charles R. Franz, Daniel Robey, and Robert R. Koeblitz
(pp. 29-42)

The Use of Cognitive Mapping for Information Requirements Analysis
Ali R. Montazemi and David W. Conrath
(pp. 45-56)

An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Color and Graphical Information Presentation Under Varying Time Constraints
Izak Benbasat and Albert Dexter
(pp. 59-83)

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