Volume 10, Number 2 — June 1986

Research Articles

Information Technology and Corporate Strategy: A Research Perspective
J. Yannis Bakos and Michael E. Treacy
(pp. 107-119)

*ICIS Paper:* Effect of Cultural Differences on Motivation of Analysts and Programmers: Singapore vs. the United States
J. Daniel Couger
(pp. 189-196)

Theory and Review Articles

Integrating Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems
Efraim Turban and Paul R. Watkins
(pp. 121-136)

Evaluating MIS Design Principles
Paul C. Nutt
(pp. 139-156)

Decision Support Planning and Analysis: The Problems of Getting Large-Scale DSS Started
C. Lawrence Meador, Martin J. Guyote, and William L. Rosenfeld
(pp. 159-177)

Personal Computing Trends and Problems: An Empirical Study
Tor Guimaraes and Vasudevan Ramanujam
(pp. 179-187)

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