Volume 10, Number 4 — December 1986

Research Articles

Usage Patterns and Sources of Assistance for Personal Computer Users
Denis M. S. Lee
(pp. 313-325)

The Growing Risks of Information Systems Success
Michael R. Vitale
(pp. 327-334)

Service Support Levels: An Organizational Approach to End-User Computing
Robert L. Leitheiser and James C. Wetherbe
(pp. 337-349)

1985 Opinion Survey of MIS Managers: Key Issues
Curt Hartog and Martin Herbert
(pp. 351-361)

*SIM Competition Paper:* Information Systems for Crisis Management: Lessons from Southern California Edison
Thomas J. Housel, Omar A. El Sawy, and Paul F. Donovan
(pp. 389-400)

Theory and Review Articles

A Stochastic Dominance Approach to Risk Analysis of Computer Systems
Gerald V. Post and J. David Diltz
(pp. 363-375)

Are Information Systems People Different: An Investigation of Motivational Differences
Thomas W. Ferratt and Larry E. Short
(pp. 377-387)

Research Notes

*Future Directions:* Toward Intelligent Decision Support Systems: An Artificially Intelligent Statistician
William E. Remus and Jeffrey Kotteman
(pp. 403-418)

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