Volume 11, Number 1 — March 1987

Research Articles

Mapping Chargeback Systems to Organizational Environments
William P. McKinnon and Ernest A. Kallman
(pp. 5-20)

Key Issues in Information Sytems -- 1986
James Brancheau and James C. Wetherbe
(pp. 23-45)

*SIM Competition Paper:* The Management Information and Decisin Support (MIDS) System at Lockheed-Georgia
George Houdeshel and Hugh J. Watson
(pp. 127-140)

Theory and Review Articles

Assimilating New Technology into the Organization: An Assessment of McFarlan and McKenney's Model
Louis E. Raho, James A. Beholav, and Kirk D. Fiedler
(pp. 47-57)

Information Technology Planning in the 1990's: Directions for Practice and Research
Andrew C. Boynton and Robert W. Zmud
(pp. 59-71)

Information Intensive Modeling
Levent Orman
(pp. 73-84)

A Framework for Office Automation
Raymond McLeod, Jr., and Jack William Jones
(pp. 87-104)

Measuring the Effectiveness of Computer-Based Information Systems in the Financial Services Sector
J. Miller and B. A. Doyle
(pp. 107-124)

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