Volume 11, Number 3 — September 1987

Research Articles

*SIM Award Paper:* A Powerful MIS/DSS Developed for a Remote Sawmill Operation
J. B. O’Keefe and P. F. Wade
(pp. 279-290)

System Development Methods -- A Comparative Investigation
Mo A. Mahmood
(pp. 293-311)

Instant Quality Control of Large Batch Processing Jobs
Niv Ahituv and Meir Zelek
(pp. 313-323)

Information Centers: The IBM Model vs. Practice
Houston H. Carr
(pp. 325-338)

Theory and Review Articles

The PIOCO Model for Information System Design
Juhani Iivari
(pp. 401-419)

Mapping the Intellectual Structure of MIS, 1980-1985: A Co-Citation Analysis
Mary J. Culnan
(pp. 341-353)

Message Equivocality, Media Selection, and Manager Performance: Implications for Information Systems
Richard L. Daft, Robert H. Lengel, and Linda Klebe Trevino
(pp. 355-366)

The Case Research Strategy in Studies of Information Systems
Izak Benbasat, David K. Goldstein, and Melissa Mead
(pp. 369-386)

Information Resource Planning: Overcoming Difficulties in Identifying Top Management's Objectives
Albert L. Lederer and Aubrey L. Mendelow
(pp. 389-399)

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