Volume 12, Number 3 — September 1988

Research Articles

Airline Reservations Systems: Lessons from History
Duncan G. Copeland and James L. McKenney
(pp. 353-370)

Managing the Data Resources: A Contingency Perspective
Dale L. Goodhue, Judith A. Quillard, and John F. Rockart
(pp. 373-392)

The Economics of Software Quality Assurance: A Simulation-Based Case Study
Tarek K. Abdel-Hamid
(pp. 395-411)

Critical Success Factors for Information Center Managers
Simha R. Magal, Houston J. Carr, and Hugh J. Watson
(pp. 413-425)

Are Information Systems People Different? An Investigation of How They Are and Should Be Managed
Thomas W. Ferratt and Larry E. Short
(pp. 427-443)

The Implementation of Strategic Information Systems Planning Methodologies
Albert L. Lederer and Vijay Sethi
(pp. 445-461)

Theory and Review Articles

Using a GDSS to Facilitate Group Consensus: Some Intended and Unintended Consequences
Richard T. Watson, Gerardine DeSanctis, and Marshall Scott Poole
(pp. 463-478)

Dialogue Management: Support for Dialogue Independence
Feng-Yang Kuo and Benn Konsynski
(pp. 481-499)

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