Volume 14, Number 1 — March 1990

Research Articles

What Chief Executives and Senior Managers Want From Their IT Departments
Tony Moynihan
(pp. 15-25)

Expert Systems: A Question of Liability?
Kathleen Mykytyn, Peter P. Mykytyn, Jr., and Craig W. Slinkman
(pp. 27-42)

Discovering and Disciplining Computer Abuse in Organizations: A Field Study
Detmar W. Straub, Jr., and William D. Nance
(pp. 45-60)

Theory and Review Articles

Powers-of-Ten Information Biases
John A. Ricketts
(pp. 63-77)

Individual Adjustment to Information-Driven Technologies: A Critical Review
Debra L. Nelson
(pp. 79-98)

The Importance of Learning Style in End-User Training
Robert P. Bostrom, Lorne Olfman, and Maung K. Sein
(pp. 101-119)

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