Volume 15, Number 4 — December 1991

Issues and Opinions

Information Architecture: In Search of Efficient Flexibility
Brandt R. Allen and Andrew C. Boynton
(pp. 435-445)

Academic Issues in MIS: Journals and Books
Mark L. Gillenson and Joel D. Stutz
(pp. 447-452)

Research Articles

An Applied Framework for Classifying the Complexity of Knowledge-Based Systems
Marc H. Meyer and Kathleen Foley Curley
(pp. 455-472)

Information Systems Management Issues for the 1990s
Fred Niederman, James C. Brancheau, and James C. Wetherbe
(pp. 475-500)

Educational Needs as Perceived by IS and End-User Personnel: A Survey of Knowledge and Skill Requirements
R. Ryan Nelson
(pp. 503-525)

*SIM Paper Competition:* USAA-IBM Partnershipsin Information Technology: Managing the Image Project
Donald R. Lasher, Blake Ives, and Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa
(pp. 551-565)

*SIM Paper Competition:* The Application Software Factory: Applying Total Quality Techniques to Systems Development
Kent Swanson, Dave McComb, Jill Smith, and Don McCubbrey
(pp. 567-579)

Theory and Review Articles

Understanding Human-Computer Interaction for Information Systems Design
James H. Gerlach and Feng-Yang Kuo
(pp. 527-549)

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