Volume 16, Number 1 — March 1992

Research Articles

Strategic Data Planning: Lessons From the Field
Dale L. Goodhue, Laurie J. Kirsch, Judith A. Quillard, and Michael D. Wybo
(pp. 11-34)

The Organizational Interface: A Method for Supporting End Users of Packaged Software
Eileen M. Trauth and Elliot Cole
(pp. 35-53)

Problems and Issues in the Management of International Data Communications Networks: The Experiences of American Companies
Paul John Steinbart and Ravinder Nath
(pp. 55-76)

On Generalizing the Concept of Hypertext
Michael P. Bieber and Steven O. Kimbrough
(pp. 77-93)

Theory and Review Articles

Revisiting DSS Implementation Research: A Meta-Analysis of the Literature and Suggestions for Researchers
Maryam Alavi and Erich A. Joachimsthaler
(pp. 95-116)

A Synthesis of Research on Requirements Analysis and Knowledge Acquisition Techniques
Terry Anthony Byrd, Kathy L. Cossick, and Robert W. Zmud
(pp. 117-138)

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