Volume 16, Number 3 — September 1992

Research Articles

*SIM Paper Competition:* The PRISM System: A Key to Organizational Effectiveness at Federal Experss Corporation
Prashant C. Palvia, James A. Perkins, and Steven M. Zeltmann
(pp. 277-292)

The Impact of Data Integration on the Costs and Benefits of Information Systems
Dale L. Goodhue, Michael D. Wybo, and Laurie J. Krisch
(pp. 293-311)

The Application of Electronic Meeting Technology to Support Strategic Management
Craig K. Tyran, Alan R. Dennis, Douglas R. Vogel, and J. F. Nunamaker, Jr.
(pp. 313-334)

The Use of Decision Criteria in Selecting Information Systems/Technology Investments
C. James Bacon
(pp. 335-353)

The Influence of the Information Systems Development Approach on Maintenance
Sasa M. Dekleva
(pp. 355-372)

Theory and Review Articles

The Use of Information in Decision Making: An Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Computer-Based Decision Aids
Peter Todd and Izak Benbasat
(pp. 373-393)

Factors Affecting Software Developers' Performance: An Integrated Approach
Ronald H. Rasch and Henry L. Tosi
(pp. 395-413)

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