Volume 17, Number 3 — September 1993

Research Articles

*SIM Paper Competition:* Assessing the Value of Conoco's EIS
Lloyd W. Belcher and Hugh J. Watson
(pp. 239-253)

Determining Information Requirements for an EIS
Hugh J. Watson and Mark N. Frolick
(pp. 255-269)

The Impact of Information Technology on Middle Managers
Alain Pinsonneault and Kenneth L. Kraemer
(pp. 271-292)

The IS Expectation Gap: Industry Expectations Versus Academic Preparation
Eileen M. Trauth, Douglas W. Farwell, and Denis Lee
(pp. 293-307)

Theory and Review Articles

CASE Tools as Organizational Change: Investigating Incremental and Radical Changes in Systems Development
Wanda J. Orlikowski
(pp. 309-340)

"How Did They Get My Name?": An Exploratory Investigation of Consumer Attitudes Toward Secondary Information Use
Mary J. Culnan
(pp. 341-363)

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