Volume 19, Number 2 — June 1995

Research Articles

Business Value of Information Technology: A Study of Electronic Data Interchange
Tridas Mukhopadhyay, Sunder Kekre, and Suresh Kalathur
(pp. 137-156)

Theory and Review Articles

The Impact of Explanation Facilities on User Acceptance of Expert Systems Advice
L. Richard Ye and Paul E. Johnson
(pp. 157-172)

Service Quality: A Measure of Information Systems Effectiveness
Leland F. Pitt, Richard T. Watson, and C. Bruce Kavan
(pp. 173-187)

Computer Self-Efficacy: Development of a Measure and Initial Test
Deborah R. Compeau and Christopher A. Higgins
(pp. 189-211)

Task-Technology Fit and Individual Performance
Dale L. Goodhue and Ronald L. Thompson
(pp. 213-236)

Research Notes

On the Use, Usefulness, and Ease of Use of Structural Equation Modeling in MIS Research: A Note of Caution
Wynne W. Chin and Peter A. Todd
(pp. 237-246)

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