Volume 20, Number 3 —September 1996

Research Articles

Measuring the Extent of EDI Usage in Complex Organizations: Strategies and Illustrative Examples
Brenda Massetti and Robert W. Zmud
(pp. 331-345)

*SIM Paper Competition:* Sustaining Process Improvement and Innovation in the Information Services Function: Lessons Learned at the Bose Corporation
Warren L. Harkness, William J. Kettinger, and Albert H. Segars
(pp. 349-368)

Theory and Review Articles

The Effect of Codes of Ethics and Personal Denial of Responsibility on Computer Abuse Judgments and Intentions
Susan J. Harrington
(pp. 257-278)

Sustainable Collaboration: Managing Conflict and Cooperation in Interorganizational Systems
Kuldeep Kumar and Han G. van Dissel
(pp. 279-300)

Expert Systems Usage: Task Change and Intrinsic Motivation
T. Grandon Gill
(pp. 301-329)

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