Volume 21, Number 4 — December 1997

Research Articles

*SIM Paper Competition:* Transformation of the IT Function at British Petroleum
John Cross, Michael J. Earl, and Jeffrey L. Sampler
(pp. 401-423)

*SIM Paper Competition:* Building Change-Readiness Capabilities in the IS Organization: Insights From the Bell Atlantic Experience
Charles E. Clark, Nancy C. Cavanaugh, Carol V. Brown, and V. Sambamurthy
(pp. 425-455)

*SIM Paper Competition:* Redesigning the Customer Support Process for the Electronic Economy
Omar A. El Sawy and Gene Bowles
(pp. 457-483)

Theory and Review Articles

Effects of User Participation in Systems Development: A Longitudinal Field Experiment
James E. Hunton and Jesse D. Beeler
(pp. 359-388)

Research Notes

Gender Differences in the Perception and Use of E-Mail: An Extension to the Technology Acceptance Model
David Gefen and Detmar W. Straub
(pp. 389-400)

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