Volume 22, Number 4 —December 1998

Research Articles

Coping With Systems Risk: Security Planning Models for Management Decision Making
Detmar W. Straub and Richard J. Welke
(pp. 441-469)

Uses and Consequences of Electronic Markets: An Empirical Investigation in the Aircraft Parts Industry
Vivek Choudhury, Kathleen S. Hartzel, and Benn R. Konsynski
(pp. 471-507)

Redesigning Reengineering Through Measurement-Driven Inference
Mark E. Nissen
(pp. 509-534)

Theory and Review Articles

Computer-Aided Systems and Communities: Mechanisms for Organizational Learning in Distributed Environments
Paul S. Goodman and Eric D. Darr
(pp. 417-440)

Research Notes

Production and Transaction Economies and IS Outsourcing: A Study of the U.S. Banking Industry
Soon Ang and Detmar W. Straub
(pp. 535-552)

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