Volume 29, Number 3 — September 2005

Issues and Opinions

The Information Systems Identity Crisis: Focusing on High-Visibility and High-Impact Research
Ritu Agarwal and Henry C. Lucas, Jr.
(pp. 381-398)

Research Articles

Model of Adoption and Technology in Households: A Baseline Model Test and Extension Incorporating Household Life Cycle
Susan A. Brown and Viswanath Venkatesh
(pp. 399-436)

Moving Beyond Intentions and Toward the Theory of Trying: Effects of Work Environment and Gender on Post-Adoption Information Technology Use
Manju K. Ahuja and Jason Bennett Thatcher
(pp. 427-459)

A Multilevel Model of Resistance to Information Technology Implementation
Liette Lapointe and Suzanne Rivard
(pp. 461-491)

Understanding User Responses to Information Technology: A Coping Model of User Adaption
Anne Beaudry and Alain Pinsonneault
(pp. 493-524)

A Comprehensive Conceptualization of Post-Adoptive Behaviors Associated with Information Technology Enabled Work Systems
Jon (Sean) Jasperson, Pamela E. Carter, and Robert W. Zmud
(pp. 525-557)

What Happens After ERP Implementation: Understanding the Impact of Interdependence and Differentiation on Plant-Level Outcomes
Thomas F. Gattiker and Dale L. Goodhue
(pp. 559-585)

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