Volume 29, Number 4 — December 2005

Issues and Opinions

Taking Industry Seriously in Information Systems Research
Mike W. Chiasson and Elizabeth Davidson
(pp. 591-605)

Research Articles

The Effects of Virtual Reality on Consumer Learning: An Empirical Investigation
Kil-Soo Suh and Young Eun Lee
(pp. 673-697)

Intellecutal Property Rights and Cannibalization in Information Technology Outsourcing Contracts
Eric A. Walden
(pp. 699-720)

The History of Texaco's Corporate Information Technology Function: A General Systems Theoretical Interpretation
Jaana Porra, Rudy Hirschheim, and Michael S. Parks
(pp. 721-746)

Theory and Review Articles

Review: IT-Dependent Strategic Initiatives and Sustained Competitive Advantage: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature
Gabriele Piccoli and Blake Ives
(pp. 747-776)

Research Notes

Zones of Tolerance: Alternative Scales for Measuring Information Systems Service Quality
William J. Kettinger and Choong C. Lee
(pp. 607-623)

Information Technology and the Performance of the Customer Service Process: A Resource-Based Analysis
Gautam Ray, Waleed A. Muhanna, and Jay B. Barney
(pp. 625-652)

Managing Client Dialogues During Information Systems Design to Facilitate Client Learning
Ann Majchrzak, Cynthia M. Beath, Ricardo A. Lim, and Wynne W. Chin
(pp. 653-672)

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