Volume 30, Number 2 — June 2006

Issues and Opinions

Reliability, Mindfulness, and Information Systems
Brian S. Butler and Peter H. Gray
(pp. 211-224)

Research Articles

An Empirical Analysis of the Value of Complete Information for eCRM Models
Balaji Padmanabhan, Zhiqiang Zheng, and Steven O. Kimbrough
(pp. 247-267)

The Effects of State-Based and Event-Based Data Representation on User Performance in Query Formulation Tasks
Gove N. Allen and Salvatore T. March
(pp. 269-290)

The Impact of Ideology on Effectiveness in Open Source Software Development Teams
Katherine J. Stewart and Sanjay Gosain
(pp. 291-314)

Plant Information Systems, Manufacturing Capabilities, and Plant Performance
Rajiv D. Banker, Indranil R. Bardhan, Hsihui Chang, and Shu Lin
(pp. 315-337)

Managing Peer-to-Peer Conflicts in Disruptive Information Technology Innovations: The Case of Software Reuse
Karma Sherif, Robert W. Zmud, and Glenn J. Browne
(pp. 339-356)

Theory and Review Articles

Review: A Review of Culture in Information Systems Research: Toward a Theory of Information Technology Culture Conflict
Dorothy E. Leidner and Timothy Kayworth
(pp. 357-399)

Research Notes

Firm Performance Impacts of Digitally Enabled Supply Chain Integration Capabilities
Arun Rai, Ravi Patnayakuni, and Nainika Seth
(pp. 225-246)

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