Volume 30, Number 3 — September 2006

Issues and Opinions

The Transformation of Open Source Software
Brian Fitzgerald
(pp. 587-598)

Academic Data Collection in Electronic Environments: Defining Acceptable Use of Internet Resources
Gove N. Allen, Dan L. Burk, and Gordon B. Davis
(pp. 599-610)

Research Articles

Order Lead-Time Improvement Following Enterprise Information Technology Implementation: An Empirical Study
Mark J. Cotteleer and Elliot Bendoly
(pp. 643-660)

Enhancing the Design of Web Navigation Systems: The Influence of User Disorientation on Engagement and Performance
Jane Webster and Jaspreet S. Ahuja
(pp. 661-678)

The Role of Espoused National Cultural Values in Technology Acceptance
Mark Srite and Elena Karahanna
(pp. 679-704)

Electronic Marketplaces and Price Transparency: Strategy, Information Technology, and Success
Christina Soh, M. Lynne Markus, and Kim Huat Goh
(pp. 705-723)

Professional Versus Political Contexts: Institutional Mitigation and the Transaction Cost Heuristic in Information Systems Outsourcing
Shaila M. Miranda and Yong-Mi Kim
(pp. 725-753)

Information Technology and Pricing Decisions: Price Adjustments in Online Computer Markets
Wonseok Oh and Henry C. Lucas, Jr.
(pp. 755-775)

Research Essay

The Nature of Theory in Information Systems
Shirley Gregor
(pp. 611-642)

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