Volume 30, August 2006
Special Issue: Standard Making

Special Issue Articles

Circuits of Power in Creating de jure Standards: Shaping an International Information Systems Security Standard
James Backhouse, Carol W. Hsu, and Leiser Silva
(pp. 413-438)

Industry-Wide Information Systems Standardization as Collective Action: The Case of the U.S. Residential Mortgage Industry
M. Lynne Markus, Charles W. Steinfield, Rolf T.Wigand, and Gabe Minton
(pp. 439-465)

The Ecology of Standards Processes: Insights from Internet Standard Making
Jeffrey V. Nickerson and Michael zur Muehlen
(pp. 467-488)

A Unified Economic Model of Standard Diffusion: The Impact of Standardization Cost, Network Effects, and Network Topology
Tim Weitzel, Daniel Beimborn, and Wolfgang Konig
(pp. 489-514)

Migration to Open-Standard Interorganizational Systems: Network Effects, Switching Costs, and Path Dependency
Kevin Zhu, Kenneth L. Kraemer, Vijay Gurbaxani, and Sean Xin Xu
(pp. 515-538)

Can Vendors Influence Switching Costs and Compatibility in an Environment with Open Standards?
Pei-yu Chen and Chris Forman
(pp. 541-562)

Reflexive Standardization: Side Effects and Complexity in Standard Making
Ole Hanseth, Edoardo Jacucci, Miria Grisot, and Margunn Aanestad
(pp. 563-581)

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