Volume 33, Issue 3 — September 2009

Special Issue: Information Systems Offshoring, Part II

Issues and Opinions

Why Break the Habit of a Lifetime? Rethinking the Roles of Intention, Habit, and Emotion in Continuing Information Technology Use
Ana Ortiz de Guinea and M. Lynne Markus
(pp. 433-444)

Research Articles

Web Strategies to Promote Internet Shopping: Is Cultural-Customization Needed?
Choon Ling Sia, Kai H. Lim, Kwok Leung, Matthew K. O. Lee, Wayne Wei Huang, and Izak Benbasat
(pp. 491-512)

The Integrative Framework of Technology Use: An Extension and Test
Sung S. Kim
(pp. 513-537)

Exploring Human Images in Website Design: A Multi-Method Approach
Dianne Cyr, Milena Head, Hector Larios, and Bing Pan
(pp. 539-566)

Research Essay

Minimizing Method Bias Through Programmatic Research
Andrew Burton-Jones
(pp. 445-471)

Estimating the Effect of Common Method Variance: The Method-Method Pair Technique with an Illustration from TAM Research
Rajeev Sharma, Philip Yetton, and Jeff Crawford
(pp. 473-490)

Research Notes

Investigating User Resistance to Information Systems Implementation: A Status Quo Bias Perspective
Hee-Woong Kim and Atreyi Kankanhalli
(pp. 567-582)

Special Issue Articles

The Evolution of Risk in Information Systems Offshoring: The Impact of Home Country Risk, Firm Learning, and Competitive Dynamics
Eugene D. Hahn, Jonathan P. Doh, and Kraiwinee Bunyaratavej
(pp. 597-616)

Offshore Information Systems Project Success: The Role of Social Embeddedness and Cultural Characteristics
Arun Rai, Likoebe M. Maruping, and Viswanath Venkatesh
(pp. 617-641)

Funding for the Special Issue articles was provided by the Theodore C. and Peggy L. Willoughby Monograph Series in Management Information Systems.

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