Volume 34, Number 2 — June 2010

Issues and Opinions

Computing in Everyday Life: A Call for Research on Experiential Computing
Youngjin Yoo
(pp. 213-231)

Research Articles

Information Systems Strategy: Reconceptualization, Measurement, and Implications
Daniel Q. Chen, Martin Mocker, David S. Preston, and Alexander Teubner
(pp. 233-259)

Brand Positioning Strategy Using Search Engine Marketing
Wenyu Dou, Kai H. Lim, Chenting Su, Nan Zhou, and Nan Cui
(pp. 261-279)

Expectation Disconfirmation and Technology Adoption: Polynomial Modeling and Response Surface Analysis
Viswanath Venkatesh and Sandeep Goyal
(pp. 281-303)

A Multi-Project Model of Key Factors Affecting Organizational Benefits from Enterprise Systems
Peter B. Seddon, Cheryl Calvert, and Song Yang
(pp. 305-328)

Theory and Review Articles

Information About Information: A Taxonomy of Views
Earl H. McKinney Jr. and Charles J. Yoos II
(pp. 329-344)

Research Notes

Investigating Two Contradictory Views of Formative Measurement in Information Systems Research
Gimun Kim, Bongsik Shin, and Varun Grover
(pp. 345-365)

Special Issue Articles

What Does the Brain Tell Us About Trust and Distrust? Evidence from a Functional Neuroimaging Study
Angelika Dimoka
(pp. 373-396)

Are There Neural Gender Differences in Online Trust? An fMRI Study on the Perceived Trustworthiness of eBay Offers
René Riedl, Marco Hubert, and Peter Kenning
(pp. 397-428)

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