Volume 39, Number 3 — September 2015

Issues and Opinions

Fairness in the Institutional Valuation of Business Journals
Gary F. Templeton and Bruce R. Lewis
(pp. 523-539)

Research Articles

Vocal Minority and Silent Majority: How Do Online Ratings Reflect Population Perceptions of Quality?
Guodong (Gordon) Gao, Brad N. Greenwood, Ritu Agarwal, and Jeffrey S. McCullough
(pp. 565-589)

Jamming with Social Media: How Cognitive Structuring of Organizing Vision Facets Affects IT Innovation Diffusion
Shaila M. Miranda, Inchan Kim, and Jama D. Summers
(pp. 591-614)

Information Technology Use as a Learning Mechanism: The Impact of IT Use on Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness, Absorptive Capacity, and Franchisee Performance
Kishen Iyengar, Jeffrey R. Sweeney, and Ramiro Montealegre
(pp. 615-641)

Organizational Path Constitution in Technological Innovation: Evidence from Rural Telehealth
Rajendra Singh, Lars Mathiassen, and Abhay Mishra
(pp. 653-665)

Comparing Potential and Actual Innovators: An Empirical Study of Mobile Data Services Innovation
Atreyi Kankanhalli, Hua (Jonathan) Ye, and Hock Hai Teo
(pp. 667-682)

Competing for Attention: An Empirical Study of Online Reviewers' Strategic Behavior
Wenqi Shen, Yu Jeffrey Hu, and Jackie Rees Ulmer
(pp. 683-696)

Research Essay

Genres of Inquiry in Design-Science Research: Justification and Evaluation of Knowledge Production
Richard L. Baskerville, Mala Kual, and Veda C. Storey
(pp. 541-564)

Research Notes

Extending ICT4D Studies: The Value of Critical Research
Cecilia I. C. Lin, Feng-Yang Kuo, and Michael D. Myers
(pp. 697-712)

Exhaustion from Information System Career Experience: Implications for Turn-Away Intention
Deborah J. Armstrong, Nita G. Brooks, and Cynthia K. Riemenschneider
(pp. 713-727)

Friendship in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Pipes, Prisms, and Relational Herding
De Liu, Daniel J. Brass, Yong Lu, and Dongyu Chen
(pp. 729-742)

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