Volume 40, Number 1 — March 2016

Research Articles

An Exploratory Study of the Formation and Impact of Electronic Service Failures
Chee-Wee Tan, Izak Benbasat, and Ronald T. Cenfetelli
(pp. 1-29)

Free Versus For-a-Fee: The Impact of a Paywall on the Pattern and Effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth via Social Media
Hyelim Oh, Animesh Animesh, and Alain Pinsonneault
(pp. 31-56)

Contract Design Choices and the Balance of Ex Ante and Ex Post Transaction Costs in Software Development Outsourcing
Michel Benaroch, Yossi Lichtenstein, and Lior Fink
(pp. 57-82)

Valuing Information Technology Related Intangible Assets
Adam Saunders and Erik Brynjolfsson
(pp. 83-110)

Competitive Bundling in Information Markets: A Seller-Side Analysis
Srinivasan Raghunathan and Sumit Sarkar
(pp. 111-131)

When Does Repository KMS Use Lift Performance? The Role of Alternative Knowledge Sources and Task Environments
Seung Hyun Kim, Tridas Mukhopadhyay, and Robert E. Kraut
(pp. 133-156)

Theory and Review Articles

A Temporally Situated Self-Agency Theory of Information Technology Reinvention
Saggi Nevo, Dorit Nevo, and Alain Pinsonneault
(pp. 157-186)

Research Notes

Deal-Seeking Versus Brand-Seeking: Search Behaviors and Purchase Propensities in Sponsored Search Platforms
Il Im, Jongkun Jun, Wonseok Oh, and Seok-Oh Jeong
(pp. 187-203)

Individuals' Internet Security Perceptions and Behaviors: Polycontextual Contrasts Between the United States and China
Yan Chen and Fatemeh Mariam Zahedi
(pp. 205-222)

How Information Technology Strategy and Investments Influence Firm Performance: Conjecture and Empirical Evidence
Sunil Mithas and Roland T. Rust
(pp. 223-245)

The Creation of Social Value: Can an Online Health Community Reduce Rural-Urban Health Disparities?
Jie Mein Goh, Guodong (Gordon) Gao, and Ritu Agarwal
(pp. 247-263)

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