Executive Involvement and Participation in the Management of Information Technology

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Executive support is often prescribed as critical for fully tapping the benefits of information technology (IT). However, few investigations have attempted to determine what type of executive support is likely or organizationally appropriate. This article puts forward alternative models of executive support. The models are tested by examining chief executive officers’ behaviors in and perceptions of IT activities. CEOs and information systems executives are surveyed and further data collected from industry handbooks and from chairmen’s annual letters to shareholders. The results suggest that executive involvement (a psychological state) is more strongly associated with the firm’s progressive use of IT than executive participation (actual behaviors) in IT activities. Executive involvement is influenced by a CEO’s participation, prevailing organizational conditions, and the executive’s functional background. CEO’s perceptions about the importance of IT in their firms were generally positive, although they participated in IT activities rather infrequently.
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Author Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa and Blake Ives
Year 1991
Volume 15
Issue 2
Keywords Management of information systems, executive support, information systems success, CEOs, information systems managers, survey research, annual report methodology
Page Numbers 205-227
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