*ICIS Paper:* An Examination of Work-Related Correlates of Job Satisfaction in Programmer/Analysts

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In the past, research examining the work-related correlates of job satisfaction in programmer/analysts has focused on the relationship between characteristics of the job itself and job satisfaction. It is hypothesized that certain aspects of relationships with co-workers, project leaders, and users will also be significant correlates of job satisfaction. Specifically, the relationship between job satisfaction, role conflict, role ambiguity, and quality of leadership provided by supervisors and peers is examined. A questionnaire measuring job characteristics, role conflict and ambiguity, leadership characteristics, and job satisfaction was administered to 118 programmer/analysts at four companies. The results indicate that both role and leadership variables correlated at least as highly with job satisfaction as job characteristics and that the addition of role and leadership variables to job characteristics significantly increases the explained variance in job satisfaction.
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Author David K. Goldstein
Year 1984
Volume 8
Issue 2
Keywords MIS management, personnel management, programmers, systems analysts, job satisfaction, job characteristics, role conflict, role ambiguity, leadership style
Page Numbers 103-115
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