*SIM 1989 Jury Award Paper:* Establishing Telemarketing Leadership Through Information Management: Creative Concepts at AT&T American Transtech

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Telemarketing is a growth industry that falls within the realm of information management. The telemarketing services provided by AT&T American Transtech grew from non-existence to a position of leadership in the industry in just four years. The organization was able to accomplish this feat with a total systems approach using innovation methods for approaching and satisfying new markets. Hardware innovations, including the use of ISDN, along with a humanized implementation, have been combined in this successful effort. This article describes the telemarketing service effort of American Transtech and the lessons learned that could be applied to other information management organizations.
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Author W. Frank Cobbin, Jr., Kenneth A. Kozar, and Stephen J. Michaele
Year 1989
Volume 13
Issue 3
Keywords Telemarketing, ISDN, strategic advantage, organizational impacts, human factors
Page Numbers 361-372
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