*SIM Competition Paper:* Critical Success Factor Analysis as a Methodology for MIS Planning

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This article addresses the use and benefits of the Critical Success Factor (CSF) methodology in identifying corporate information needs and, subsequently, in developing a corporate information systems plan. The conclusions presented are drawn from an analysis of a CSF study conducted at Financial Institutions Assurance Corporation (FIAC). Interestingly, the initial purpose of this study was to evaluate the firm’s existing data processing system in light of intermediate-term corporate objectives. However, the outcome of the CSF study has been a fundamental rethinking of the nature of the corporation, and its impact far surpassed the initial expectations of everyone involved. The case presented here, combined with information drawn from the CSF literature, can provide a number of meaningful insights on the use of the CSF methodology as a procedure for MIS planing and for building support for using information technologies throughout a user population.
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Author Michael E. Shank, Andrew C. Boynton, and Robert W. Zmud
Year 1985
Volume 9
Issue 2
Keywords Critical success factors, MIS planning, planning methodologies, MIS strategic planning
Page Numbers 121-129
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