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Teledemocracy by Ytterstad, Akselsen, Svendsen, and Watson

Project images

The municipality

Limo Farm - a remote location from which communication is made easier through POT.

Scraps from newspapers

Salangen politicians go to "PC school" (Source: Troms Folkeblad, November 24th, 1993: "Politikerne går påPC-skole").

Tele-technology improves local democracy (Source: Åpen Linje, November, 1993: "Teleteknologi gir økt lokaldemokrati"). The picture is taken by Ørjan Nygärd, and the article was written by Rune Wikstøl.

Snapshots from project activities

Departure from Tromsø, November 4th, 1993: Pål, Sigmund and seven computers in a van.

The pilot class, November 5th, 1993: The pilot group at the training location ("Loftet").

Well done - pilot class completion, November 5th, 1993: Sigmund, Hallvard (Mikrosys), and Pål.

Preparing for the first large class 1, November 25th, 1993: Overview of computers in Sjøvegan Kulturhus.

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