Survey Instruments in IS

Peter Newsted, Sid Huff & Malcolm Munro

Welcome to the MISQ Discovery archival version of the "Survey Instruments in Information Systems (IS)" repository. The goal of this site is to provide researchers with actual survey instruments used in IS -- either in full text or via links to the appropriate citations. Although this version remains unchanged since its acceptance in November of 1998, a "living version" may still be being maintained by the authors.

As a significant part of research in IS is done with survey instruments, the IS research community will benefit from an easily accessible source of information about survey methods and especially from a repository of instruments. Our objective is to provide IS researchers and students with a number of these instruments (subject to copyright considerations) along with introductory information on the survey process. The repository is intended to help researchers get started with the survey methodology, while also providing a convenient resource for experienced survey researchers. Pointers to a variety of related sites are included. Links which are specifically part of this site are identified with the MISQ Discovery "quill pen" logo to the right. The ISWorld disclaimer is relevant here. Your comments to the authors are encouraged and your suggestions may be incorporated into the living version.

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This is the "archival" version of this work and its maintenance is the sole responsibility of MISQ Discovery. It will remain essentially the same as it was when first published. The authors are solely responsible for the updating and administration of a "living version" of this work. Permission has been granted to the authors to display an MISQ Discovery 1998 logo on the living version of the work, in recognition of the quality of the work as of the date of its publication (November of 1998) in the archive.

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