Senior Editor Emeritus: Amrit Tiwana

University of Georgia
Retired; no longer accepting new manuscripts

Term: November 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020

Research Interests

I am interested in the following aspects of IT strategy:
  • IT governance and control at the firm, interfirm, and project levels
  • Software platform ecosystems, focused on the supply-side
  • IT architecture
  • IT evolution
  • Systems development

Research Methodologies

I am method-agnostic. My own work employs experiments, surveys, and research designs that integrate primary and archival data.


  • My ideal paper is one that adds one novel idea to an ongoing research conversation within the IS discipline, and does it well.
  • I strongly favor papers that address enduring theoretical problems, chip at implicit assertions, or attempt to reconcile empirical contradictions within the IS discipline.
  • I welcome papers that—by tackling observable yet undertheorized IS phenomena—take the conversation where it has not yet gone.
  • I am not a suitable SE for methods papers or analytical modeling papers.


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