A Framework for Comparing Information Engineering Methods

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This article proposes a comprehensive framework for comparing the current methodologies and tools for information engineering and using these methods for applying information technology to construct the overall information systems architecture for the organization. The proposed framework consists of two dimensions: (1) an expanded sequence of the traditional system life cycle; and (2) the conceptual depth of the methods. The article shows that information engineering is the key to effective information management. Using the proposed framework, 26 widely cited methods for information engineering are compared. Evolution to more effective methods of information engineering are needed to align future information systems requirements to strategic goals and objectives of an organization and to exploit the current information systems technologies for competitive advantage.
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Author Richard D. Hackathorn and Jahangir Karimi
Year 1988
Volume 12
Issue 2
Keywords Information engineering, information systems architeture, information systems design, software engineering, system development methodologies
Page Numbers 203-220
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