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News & Updates from MISQ

Submission Updates Beginning January 1, 2022

The MISQ will be requiring some new items from paper submissions. They are outlined below:

  • APA Style: Beginning with papers published in the June 2022 issue, MISQ will be utilizing APA 7th edition for all future papers. All papers will need to be formatted to APA by that time. The biggest impact this will have is on the references style.
  • Research Transparency Statement: All new submissions must be accompanied by a commitment by the author(s) in the paper’s cover letter to make transparency materials available in the round after receiving a minor revision decision. For revisions submitted after January 1, 2022, where the original version was submitted to MIS Quarterly before January 1, 2022, authors can volunteer to make transparency materials available, but they are not required to do so. For more information regarding this intiative, please visit the June 2021 Editor’s Comments.

    Additionally, authors will need to complete a transparency commitment and upload the completed document as part of their submission. A template is here for authors to download. Authors will need to upload this document during Step 2: Upload Files > add this file as "Miscellaneous."
  • Cover Letter Sample: MISQ’s sample cover letter has been updated to reflect these new initiatives. You can visit Instructions for Authors > Sample Cover Letter for more details.

Scholarly Development Academy

The MISQ Scholarly Development Academy initiative follows in the footsteps of other MISQ initiatives that demonstrate our journal’s role as a platform for engagement in our field (Rai 2017). As a platform for engagement, we have long moved beyond just processing manuscripts. We run workshops for authors and reviewers, give seminars around the world, engage in social media, publish research curations, and so on. The common thread through all of our activities is our missions of supporting IS scholars and scholarship. The motivation for the new initiative proposed here is that we need to do our part to help IS scholars who are systematically disadvantaged from producing the finest scholarship because they are suffering disproportionately in the emotional toll of an academic life, especially in the time of COVID.

For further background on the Academy, please see the September 2021 Editor’s Comments

Please visit the Scholarly Development Academy page for more information, including session dates.



Call for Papers: Digital Technologies and Social Justice

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2022



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