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We are pleased to annouce the latest issue of MIS Quarterly, Volume 47, Issue 1. See the table of contents here.

News & Updates from MISQ

Call for Nominations for MISQ Editor-in-Chief

The MISQ EIC Selection Committee is now accepting nominations for the upcoming term. All nominations must be sent to misqsearch@gmail.com by April 28, 2023. For those interested, you can find information on responsibilities, qualifications, and the search process on the EIC search page.


Submission Updates Effective January 1, 2022

MISQ requires the following items from paper submissions. They are outlined below:

  • APA Style: MISQ will be utilizing APA 7th edition for all papers. The biggest impact this will have is on the references style.
  • Research Transparency Statement: All submissions must be accompanied by a commitment by the author(s) in the paper’s cover letter to make transparency materials available in the round after receiving a minor revision decision. For more information regarding this intiative, please visit the June 2021 Editor’s Comments.

    Additionally, authors will need to complete a transparency commitment and upload the completed document as part of their submission. A template is here for authors to download. Authors will need to upload this document during Step 2: Upload Files > add this file as "Miscellaneous."
  • Cover Letter Sample: MISQ’s sample cover letter has been updated to reflect these initiatives. You can visit Instructions for Authors > Sample Cover Letter for more details.

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