A User Generated Information System: An Innovative Development Approach

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This article details a project which used a non-classical approach to developing information systems. A critical but backlogged information management project, representing $13 million in payments due to clients, is described. Up-to-date payment processing would provide information valuable to generating increased organization revenues. The backlogged project was given life by having the users, with tutoring and guidance, perform tasks usually assigned to systems analysts. These tasks included the building of an information system about the system. The article present the project scenario, describes the development approach used, evaluates the approach and why it worked,, and suggests why other organizations could benefit from using the approach.
Additional Details
Author Kenneth A. Kozar and John M. Mahlum
Year 1987
Volume 11
Issue 2
Keywords Structured systems analysis, information requirements, user developed systems
Page Numbers 163-174
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