An Organizational Learning Approach to Information Systems Development

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Information generated from communications between uses and analysts forms the basis for information systems development and is therefore a major determinant of success. This research investigates the effectiveness of these user/analyst interactions. Tape recordings of user/analyst communications during systems development are used to analyze traditional interaction methods. An alternative “organizational learning” interaction methodology is developed based on the Argyris and Schon organizational learning theory. Finally, this new methodology is used by a group of professionals involved in systems projects and again evaluated based on tape recordings of their user/analyst communications. Results show that traditional user/analyst interactions display primarily error-prone characteristics, and that the new interaction methodology successfully generated more valid information with increased detection of errors.
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Author Gail Salaway
Year 1987
Volume 11
Issue 2
Keywords Information systems, systems development, organizational learning, user interface, communication
Page Numbers 245-264
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