Business Value of Information Technology: A Study of Electronic Data Interchange

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A great deal of controversy exists about the impact of information technology on firm performance. While some authors have reported positive impacts, others have found negative or no impacts. This study focuses on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology. Many of the problems in this line of research are over-come in this study by conducting a careful analysis of the performance data of the past decade gathered from the assembly centers of Chrysler Corporation. This study estimates the dollar benefits of improved information exchanges between Chrysler and its suppliers that result from using EDI. After controlling for variations in operational complexity arising from mix, volume, parts complexity, model, and engineering changes, the savings per vehicle that result from improved information exchanges are estimated to be about $60. Including the additional savings from electronic document preparation and transmission, the total benefits of EDI per vehicle amount to over $100. System wide, this translates to annual savings of $220 million for the company.
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Author Tridas Mukhopadhyay, Sunder Kekre, and Suresh Kalathur
Year 1995
Volume 19
Issue 2
Keywords Business value, electronic data interchange, information handling costs, information technology, inventory costs, transportation costs
Page Numbers 137-156
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