CIO Lateral Influence Behaviors: Gaining Peers' Commitment to Strategic Information Systems

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In order to develop and bring to fruition strategic information systems (SIS) projects, chief information officers (CIOs) must be able to effectively influence their peers. This research examines the relationship between CIO influence behaviors and the successfulness of influence outcomes, utilizing a revised model initially developed by Yukl (1994). Focused interviews were first conducted with CIOs and their peers to gain insights into the phenomenon. A survey instrument was then developed and distributed to a sample of CIO and peer executive pairs to gather data with which to test a research model. A total of 69 pairs of surveys were eventually used for data analysis. The research model was found to be generally meaningful in the CIO–top management context. Furthermore, the influence behaviors rational persuasion and personal appeal exhibited significant relationships with peer commitment, whereas exchange and pressure were significantly related to peer resistance. These results provide useful guidance to CIOs who wish to propose strategic information systems to peers.
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Author Harvey G. Enns, Sid L. Huff, and Christopher A. Higgins
Year 2003
Volume 27
Issue 1
Keywords Chief information officers, influence, influence behaviors, information systems, PLS
Page Numbers 155-176
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