Critical Success Factors for Information Center Managers

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A stage hypothesis for information centers (ICs) is proposed and 26 critical success factors (CSFs) for IC managements are investigated. Based on 311 responses from IC managers, support is found for the proposed stages and information is provided about the importance of the CSFs. A principal components analysis is performed on the 26 CSFs which identifies five composite CSFs: (1) commitment to the IC concept; (2) quality of IC support services; (3) facilitation of end-user computing; (4) role clarity; and (5) coordination of end-user computing. Statistical tests show that the importance of these composite CSFs tend to vary among themselves but is relatively constant individually across the IC stages.
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Author Simha R. Magal, Houston J. Carr, and Hugh J. Watson
Year 1988
Volume 12
Issue 3
Keywords Information center, critical success factors, stages of growth, management of information systems
Page Numbers 413-425
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