Computer-Aided Analysis of Office Systems

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Computer-aided support in the analysis and design of office information systems is discussed. The support system described includes a language for description of office practice, analysis and database maintenance systems, and analysis report generation software. The system components are consistent wit ha general model of office interactions. The objects and relations unique to the office environment are supported in the terminology for description of both manual and automated office activities. Analysis support providing consistency and completeness evaluations and alternative views of the system serve the analysis activity. A case study is briefly overviewed and conclusions are drawn concerning the utility of the tools. The major utility of the tools was perceived by management and analysts to be the application as a dynamic and structured documentation with consistency evaluation.
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Author Benn R. Konsynski and Lynne C. Bracker
Year 1982
Volume 6
Issue 1
Keywords office systems, computer-aided analysis, requirements specifications
Page Numbers 1-17
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