Computer Assisted Planing (CAP) at Dinero International Bancorporation

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This article describes three inter-related computer based systems that were designed and developed to assist with implementation of a major long-term planning effort at a multi-billion dollar bank holding company, Dinero Internacional Bancorporation (DIB). New strategies at DIB included: (1) a major redirection of its marketing efforts to a multi-state mid-western region in the U.S., and (2) to correspond with this new marketing direction, a major change in the bank’s image, including a name change. The first system, the Regional Banking Information System (REBIS) was designed to extract key information from a 1 G (gigabyte) bank database. With REBIS, DIB was able to monitor the level of banking activity in a designated region and to measure the performance and level of competition over 1,000 selected banks with operations in this region. A second system, the SAS/Dunn and Bradstreet (D&B) system was designed to analyze and plot key financial characteristics (sales, debt, etc.) of the more than 20,000 selected companies also in the region. Information pertaining to business activity by industry was plotted on maps of the region in order to identify the most desirable marketing opportunities. Finally, the third system, AUTOTRAC, an automated project tracking system, was used to monitor and control the progress of the DIB name change plan.
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Author James R. Doyle and Jack D. Becker
Year 1983
Volume 7
Issue 3
Keywords financial information systems, banking information systems, strategic planning, strategic information
Page Numbers 33-46
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