Computer Support for Meetings of Groups Working on Unstructured Problems: A Field Experiment

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This preliminary study was conducted to learn about the consequences of computer support for teams working on unstructured, high-level conceptual software design problems in face-to-face group settings. A networked workstation technology and electronic blackboard technology were contrasted with their conventional counterparts. Twenty-one software designers, assigned to three teams, performed team tasks that involved generating ideas and reaching consensus. Positive effects on the thoroughness of information exchange and quality of team performance were found in the meetings in which electronic blackboard technology was available. The networked workstations provided mixed results. Significant team differences were found in performance and interaction measures. The results and their implications are discussed in terms of the necessary future developments and nature of future research in computer-based meeting support technology.
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Author Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, V. Srinivasan Rao, and George P. Huber
Year 1988
Volume 12
Issue 4
Keywords Group decision support systems, computer-supported meetings, ill-structured problem solving
Page Numbers 645-666
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