Computers and the Frustrated Chief Executive

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The conditions under which local government top managers become frustrated with the application of computers and electronic data processing (EDP) to governmental operations are assessed. Using relative deprivation theory as a conceptual framework, extensive empirical data are analyzed to explain current frustration with local government EDP. Five streams of explanation are evaluated: the political and socio-economic milieu of EDP, the nature of the EDP operation, the quality of EDP services, the chief executive’s perception of the impacts of EDP, and the executive’s general perspective about computer technology. Top managers’ current frustration with EDP is primarily grounded in the perceived lack of specific benefits from EDP and in operational problems with the EDP unit.
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Author James N. Danziger
Year 1977
Volume 1
Issue 2
Keywords Information system evaluation, top managers’ evaluations, EDP impacts, managers’ unmet expectations, relative deprivation theory
Page Numbers 43-53
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