Volume 4, Number 1 — March 1980

Research Articles

Integration of Algorithmic Aids into Decision Support Systems
L. C. Barbosa and R. G. Hirko
(pp. 1-12)

MIS Design: A Contingency Approach
Richard J. Schonberger
(pp. 13-20)

Impact of Organizational Maturity on Information System Skill Needs
Izak Benbasat, Albert S. Dexter, and Robert W. Mantha
(pp. 21-34)

Information Systems Skill Requirements: A Survey
Paul H. Cheney and Norman R. Lyons
(pp. 35-43)

Theory and Review Articles

The Impact of Some MIS Design Variables on Managers' Evaluations of Subordinates' Performances
Michael Firth
(pp. 45-54)

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