Volume 6, Number 3 — September 1982

Research Articles

*SIM Competition Paper:* Corporate Electronic Mail -- A Communication-Intensive Application of Information Technology
A.B. Crawford, Jr.
(pp. 1-13)

*SIM Competition Paper:* Organization Development Methods in the Management of the Information Systems Function
R.D. Loftin and J.M. Moosbruker
(pp. 15-28)

Protoyping: The New Paradigm for Systems Development
Justus D. Naumann and A. Milton Jenkins
(pp. 29-44)

Marketing and MIS During Times of Resource Scarcity
Raymond McLeod, Jr., and William L. Fuerst
(pp. 45-54)

Theory and Review Articles

Organizational Context and MIS Structure: Some Empirical Evidence
Phillip Ein-Dor and Eli Segev
(pp. 55-68)

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